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Club Meeting

Thursday February 9, 7:00 pm
Hobbytown USA
360 E 800 S
Orem, UT 84097
Please bring your own chair!

Weather at the Field

AMA Charter #2834

Welcome to Utah Valley Aeromodelers!

Welcome to the Utah Valley Aeromodelers Club Website! We are an all-ages RC club looking to have some fun flying!
Whether you are just starting out or are a competition level pilot, we welcome you to come fly with us!
Head over to our forum page on RCGroups and see what's going on!

February Club Meeting

Thursday, February 9 at 7:00 p.m.

We will meet at the Hobbytown USA shop at their new location at 360 E 800 S in Orem. It is near/behind Zurchers, if you know where that is. We can use their room, but they do not yet have chairs for us. So please bring your own camp or folding chair if you would like to sit down. Thanks!

Freeze Fly 2016/17

A few hearty souls braved 20 degree (or lower!) temperatures and fog at the 2016/2017 Freeze Fly. Terry Swapp gave me a quick write-up of the event.

"We had Wendell, Spencer, Brandon, Dan, Frank, Art, Milt, Terry, Ross, Steve, John, Darin, and Andrew plus a couple others. Nobody really wanted to fly because of the fog and wind out of the north. I flew my twin star once, Wendell flew his big T-28 twice, Art flew his Nextstar twice, Ross flew a couple of different planes, Andrew flew on of his 3D planes once and his Helicopter once, and Milt flew one of his planes he had skis on once. It definitely a Freeze Fly this year!"

See more photos on our Facebook page here: Freeze Fly Dec 31, 2016

December 2016 Club Meeting Report

Hi everybody! We met at Macey's on December 8th to have our monthly meeting and annual election of club officers. About 15 folks came out to discuss club business and see our "model of the month" entries.


For club president, Wendell Henrie was nominated and seconded. Voting was unanimous for Wendell to be club president for next year. Thanks Wendell! Second, Bill Cowely was nominated for treasurer, and Milt Sanders for assistent treasurer for the club. Both were unanimously voted affirmative. Darin Peirce agreed to stay on as the club vice president for 2016, and was also approved by vote. John Watson also will stay on as a member of the club safety committee. At this time we still do not have a club secretary, which is a required position for our AMA club charter. Wendell will work on this as one of his first priorities as club president.

Bob Reed also offered to do the club newsletter/publicity. I will work with Bob to transfer information.

Field Safety

When discussing club safety officers, the topic came up about field safety in general. While we have made some good improvements in the last years, such as enforcing the "no taxi in the pits" rule, it was reported that some things have been getting a little lax lately. In particular, we need to remember to fly foamies over to the north side of the field so as not to be behind pilots who are flying from the official pilot stations. Pilots also need to be kept aware of when you are landing on the grass behind them. Also, anyone flying FPVs need to follow the AMA safety code and always have a spotter, and fly from the pilot stations as well.

Swap Meet

Last month we talked about having a swap meet in February, but there was concern that this would put it too close to the "big" swap meet they have every year up in Ogden. Also, being the holidays, we may not have enough time or interest to properly plan and advertise the event. It was agreed that we should do more to publicize the event if we want enough people to come and bring stuff to buy, sell, and trade to make it worthwhile. One suggestion was that we might have a summer fly-in and swap meet at the field, and with proper publicity might bring out more people and the chance to fly at the same time. So at this point the swap meet is on hold pending further planning.

Freeze Fly

Since New Years Day is on Sunday this year, we decided to have our annual Freeze Fly on Saturday, December 31st at the club field. Weather permitting, of course!

Annual Banquet

Plan on the club banquet on January 13th at the Golden Corral, though we will let you know through the usual channels when the time and place are finalized.

Indoor Fly

Interest was expressed about having an indoor fly like we did in 2015. We know that Ralph Derico's group down in Ephraim has also done winter indoor flying, so we would like to coordinate with them on having an indoor flying activity.

Model of the Month

Bob Reed brought his Icon A5 amphibious aicraft. Bob Smith had an Great Planes Extra 300 that has been rebuilt a few times. And while Art Steuck didn't bring an aircraft, he brought his interesing field box that doubles as a chair - it's a clever idea for housing your stuff, power panel and battery, and having something to sit on while you work on your airplane!

November 2016 Club Meeting

This month's club meeting was held at Macey's Grocery in Pleasant Grove. Darin Peirce, club president, conducted. Turnout was pretty good with 14 in attendance, and we had several models for our Model of the Month drawing. We had a good discussion about the field, when to have a swap meet, and club officers for 2017. Darin met recently with officials of the city of Saratoga Springs to discuss possibly upgrading the field gate. Darin originally had in mind a signficant upgrade to allow automatic opening and closing along with keypad access code entry. However, it became apparent that they thought that was a too complicated and expensive solution to the problem of managing our field access, and recommended something along the lines of simply updating the lock. The problem with this in the past has been access by the county, which still needs to get equipment into the parkway area that is not part of the city park.Milt Sanders had proposed a modification to the gate so that the two halves of the gate were more equal in size, and that the club and city use the left side to get into the field, and we leave the right side with a lock to be used by the county when they need it. This is a solution that would probably work well and be lower cost. But we would probably need some help from the city to make sure the county is willing to go along with it. For now we will pursue this option, but its success will also require some change in the habits of club members in that we need to shut the gate after ourselves instead of leaving it open as we often do.

The second topic of business was the proposal for a club swap meet. This had been discussed at the last meeting, but we were not able to secure a location in time for this month's meeting. A club member did offer a business where the meet could be held, which is up in Salt Lake at 7200 South near I-15. The consensus was that we should do the swap meet for our February club meeting, so get ready to bring all your RC related gear to sell or trade!

Darin opened the floor for nominations and discussion of club officers for 2017. We would like to take nominations for the primary club positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We also need field safety officers and club trainers. Bill Cowely is willing to continue serving as treasurer as he has done for many years, and Milt Sanders as the assistant treasurer. Darin also nominated Wendell Henrie for club president, and Wendell is willing if we want him to do that. Steve Carothers was also nominated to be a club trainer. Bob Smith recommended that the job of secretary and club news be split among at least two people, one to manage the AMA registration and membership portion, and one to manage the web site and Facebook pages.

Nominations will be open for the next month and we plan to vote on club officers at our December meeting. It is very important that more club members participate and be invested in the running of the club. Please submit any additional nominations to Darin Peirce or any of the club officers for consideration and voting at the next meeting. Thanks for your support!

We had four entries for the Model of the Month drawing - Milt Sanders with an electric C-47, Russ Ross with his Yak-55, Bob Reed with an E-Flite STOL, and John Schauble with an FMS P-51 Mustang. Pictures have been posted at our Facebook Page.

Russ Ross with his Andrew Jesky signature Yak 55

Looking for a big Seagull Model's plane?

Club member Ralph Derico was looking for a replacement of his big, 80-inch Seagull Models AT-6 and found that Sig, the current Seagull importer, does not carry the larger scale models. From Ralph: "I have been speaking with Tom at Valley View RC in Washington for some time regarding the 82” 30cc AT6. This is a great flying warbird and unfortunately I crashed mine and would like to have another. Sig is the current importer for Seagull but they do not bring in any of the larger models (only mostly glow power) . I have just visited the Seagull web site and they have a good selection of sport, scale and warbirds. If we can get the word out we may be able to make a good initial purchase with him.
Sorry I do not have much more information and I am in no way involved in the purchase other than I will most likely order a couple of models for myself. For information anyone interested in one of the Seagull models should contact Tom at Valley View RC during the weekday hours. 253 875 6890 or valleyviewrc.com

St. George Electric Fly-In

October 14-16

Russ Ross with his Andrew Jesky signature Yak 55.

Special Meeting This Month

Thursday, September 8, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

This month we will be having a special meeting at South Valley Services, the nonprofit organization our club has “adopted” to help support. The charity’s purpose is work toward eliminating domestic violence. To find out more about what it does and how it operates we are holding the meeting at its location.

We will take a few minutes for club business and then turn the time over to the Executive Director, Jennifer Campbell, who will take the balance of the time discussing the charity and answering our questions. My understanding is that one of our items of business will be to deliver a check to SVS as our annual contribution from the June fly-in event.

Update/Report: Jennifer gave us a great presentation about what SVS does both at their main facility and also in outreach programs around the community. They provide training for police, first responders, and other members of the community to recognize and provide access to SVS programs. We can be proud to donate to such a worthy cause and encourage anyone to find out more about their work and contribute in any way they can.

Climb & Glide Fun Fly - Results!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

by Milt Sanders

We had a beautiful day for this fun fly with light winds and moderate temperatures. Eight fliers showed up to compete, however Art Stueck suffered a water landing (without floats) during a trim flight, but he was able to retrieve it and is currently drying everything out. Competition was close at the top with Darin Peirce and his Radian putting up the longest flight of the day of 5:07 and a top score of 631 points, but reigning four year champion Milt Sanders with his Playboy Old timer just edged him out by two seconds with consistency and 633 points. Terry Swapp put in three good flights to take 3rd place with 497 points for a good show. Bob Smith flying his beautiful brand new Playboy Sr. Old Timer took 4th with 470 points and totally consistent on-the-runway landings. Lynn Hadfield did some good flying with his Radian and 452 points for 5th place. Bill Cowley flew his Playboy Sr. Old Timer to 6th place with 302 points. Bill had a great airplane and got good altitude, but had a little trouble seeing his plane and getting it trimmed out. Jay Miller pulled in 7th place with 170 points flying his ASW 21 – mainly due to lack of practice. He had installed his receiver just the night before. As we left the field, Jay’s plane was still sitting in the Jordan River, captured by a few reeds on the west side. Perhaps if the wind changes, it will blow his plane to the east side where one of us can retrieve it.

Fun Fly’s are a way to get us to practice our skills ( steady climb out, flat turns, searching for thermals, setup for landings, and dead stick landings themselves). They are fun with friendly competition, also providing a show for the spectators. So go practice your skills and be ready for fun fly’s as they come up. This climb and glide has been going on for at least the past four years and has been gaining popularity and entrants. Thanks to all those who participated, especially those who helped as timers and launchers. See you all next year plus any of you who would like to give it a try. A foamie Radian nearly took it all. You don’t have to have an Old Timer to win, but you do have to come fly.

1Milt Sanders633Playboy Sr Old Timer
2Darin Peirce631Radian Sailplane - best time at 5:07
3Terry Swapp497Blanik Sailplane
4Bob Smith470Playboy Sr Old Timer
5Lynn Hadfield452Radian Sailplane
6Bill Cowley302Playboy Sr Old Timer
7Jay Miller170ASW 21 Sailplane

August Club Meeting

The next club meeting of the Utah Valley Aeromodelers will be Thursday, August 11th at the flying field. Hope to see you there!

Float Fly at Utah Lake

It was a little on the breezy side, but the lake was still smooth enough for some good float flying! Access was fine and Wendell could park his bus right on the beach. See all the photos on our Facebook photo album UVA Float Fly 2016.

Terry shows us how to have a good time at the Float Fly!

2016 Elwyn Peck Memorial Open House & Fly-In

The weather was threatening but between a few showers we had some great flying at the 2016 Open House! Milt and Bill worked hard to keep the flight line moving and planes in the air at all times. Big thanks to everyone who helped out with flight ops, check-in, music, the raffle, set-up and clean-up, and especially the food! Great job from everyone! Pictures are up on Facebook.

John Schauble's giant Carbon Cub floats in for a landing near the end of the 2016 Open House.

Field Clean-up Day

This month's club meeting was a clean-up day at the flying field. A good number of folks came with weed whackers, lawn mowers, edgers, brooms, blowers, and lots of enthusiasm to give the field a good once-over. We now have three sets of bleachers for spectators at the upcoming Open House, which have been placed on the north side of the field near the taxi-way. We also had a quick meeting and model-of-the-month entries. Wendell and Pocho came back over the weekend with some big mowers to knock down weeds and grass in the "rough" near the runway. Thanks guys!

See all the photos over at Facebook!

New Starting Tables at the Field - from Milt Sanders

I went over today and helped Morris Fruit from Fresno build another starting table. We started at 10:00 and dropped it off at the field at 5:00. This one is a little larger and has a few new features that the other does not. Morris made some changes after seeing how the first one he built on his own was doing. I will attach construction photos and our travel to the field to drop it off. Morris deserves a great hand from the club for his outstanding work. Also we need to advertise how the stands are to be used. They are for temporary use when starting up your plane before taking it out to the flight line. Please do not leave aircraft or support equipment on the tables so that others may use them.

A big thanks to Morris and Milt for this great addition to the field! These look like they're great to use and will be a safety enhancement, too.

A Visit from some Seniors

The group of assisted living folks from Osmond Senior Living Center came to visit our field today, invited by Ron and Rodney LeBlanc. Ron is currently living at the Center. There were about 15 guys and gals who arrived in a bus at 1:00 and stayed until a little after 3:00. They enjoyed their outing very much. Rod talked to them for a couple of minutes, than I gave them about a 5 minute spiel on the club, our field, what we do, and showed them how the controller works with the controls on my SE5. A couple of the other guys also spent a few minutes telling them what was going on as planes were flying.

They saw a 3D demo, a few other planes fly around, then Alan and I put up our WW I biplanes with 35 foot streamers to try some friendly combat (we wanted to practice an act for the Open House) and they loved that. Pocho flew his big P-47 and his helicopter, I also flew my small P-51, and Rodney flew a couple of his planes. Morris from Fresno put up his big gasser and we filled the sky for about an hour and a half. They sounded like they wanted to come out again, so I gave out some flyers for the open house and made sure that their activities director got one of them too.

They had a good time! - Milt Sanders

2016 Open House and Air Show!

Big thanks to Michael Wiggin! He continues to help out the club even after moving to Texas by updating the flyer for our air show.

April Club Meeting Report

A lot of folks came out to our April meeting and it was well worth the effort because Milt Sanders showed us a video he had made back when he was serving in Vietnam flying an F-100 Super Saber. He also brought his flight G-suit and helmet for us to see. The video was on the ground and in the cockpit, and was from his last mission there. Milt has loved aircraft and aviation his whole life and we're glad to have him in the club!

Business was a review of preparations for the upcoming Open House, in particular any items needed for the food preparation. We also discussed the need for better access control to the field to paid members of the club, with a way at least to identify who has a current membership. Right now about half of the people who have been members of the club, and have a current AMA membership, have paid club dues for 2016. We would like to encourage everyone to share in supporting the financial costs of running the club. While the club leadership continues to work with the city of Saratoga Springs and Utah County on what can be done with the gate and lock mechanism, it was proposed that we make a club membership card that could be worn on a lanyard or badge pin when at the field. Bill Zamora offered to create a draft design for us to consider. Wendell Henrie and Lance Andrewson both have laminating machines that could be used in making the cards. We will need to discuss the details and process for how this would work, if adopted, at the next club meeting.

Photos are posted on Facebook at April Club Meeting photo album.

It was good to see everybody out at the meeting this month! Next month we will start meeting out at the flying field for the summer, with a field clean-up evening being the likely activity. See you there!