UVA Flying Field

Aerial Overview:

Directions to the UVA Flying Field:

1. Exit Pioneer Crossing in Lehi / American Fork, go West.

2. Turn Left (South) on Saratoga Rd (9550 West).

3. Follow Saratoga Rd as it curves to the West.

4. Entrance will be on the West side just as the road starts to curve South again
Look for the UVA sign).

Field Rules:

1. AMA Insurance Required.
2. The short runway is closed when other pilots are flying.
3. Announce your intentions I.E. taking off, landing, dead stick, etc.
4. No pets in the pit area or on the flying field.
5. No unsupervised children in the pit area or on the flying field. 6. Please pick up and dispose of your trash.
7. Do not taxi in the pit area.
8. Restrain your aircraft while in the pit area at all times.
9. Make sure your current AMA card is placed on the board prior to turning on your transmitter.
10. Absolutely no flying any aircraft behind the pilot's station when there are pilots in the pilot's station.
11. Be safe and have fun!!

Video of John Saldana flying over the field: