Let's Build A Foamy!

I am dedicating this page to building foamies. If you've ever flown one, you know why they are fun (and addicting). If you haven't, I'd suggest you build one for unlimited fun!

I will be putting together a step-by-step guide on how to build a foamy from start to finish. For now, check out a few videos from RCSuperPowers in the section below.

Free plans!

I'll be updating this page to get more plans and building tips! Please email Michael if you have something you want on this page!

Free RC Foamy Plans from RCFoam.com
Free Extra 300s Plans from RCPowers.com
Free RC Foamy Plans from Parkjets.com
Svenson's Free Model Airplane Plans
Free RC Airplane Plans from Aerofred.com
Free Hand Launched Glider Plans from Worldonline.co.uk

Basic Parts List

NOTE: All of this info is just for reference. You can find these pieces at any local hobby shop or online, I just put up some Amazon links for easibility / comparison. Feel free to purchase the parts wherever you like.

As with any build, you night need control horns, servo lead extensions, pin horns, prop adapters, receivers, motor mounts, epoxy, etc. This list is just covering the most commonly asked about parts needed when building a foamy.

I like to use an 1100kv motor
for my Foamies.
I like to use a 30-40amp ESC
for my Foamies.

I like 3S LiPo Batteries, 1300mAh - 1500mAh 9g Servos
(Cheapest Servos and Name Brand Servos)

5mm Carbon Fiber Tube
Wing Spar
3M Medical Tape (for hinges)
This is the foamy that Russ Ross flies and has cut-out templates for. Please let us know if you are interested in a build a long for this (or another) foamy!

Here is the Extra 300s (Red Bull) that Michael built:
RCPowers.com Extra 300s

Here is the Biplane that Michael built and flies:

Build Tips From RCSuperPowers!

Seriously, watch his videos and get on his forum. I learned so much from these guys!
RCSuperPowers Forum